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Opportunity Time Place London Crypto Mining


Bitcoin Investment Partners

We are doing bits.

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Ai Trading Mortimer FT9



United Shares Decentralised Digital Asset Defi Blockchain

Worlds biggest buyout. Defi Blockchain Powering 500M Football supporters. 

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AR World & On The Pull App

Smart cities interaction application utilising


AR World

Augmented Reality communications, video calling, Phone calls and messaging services without the need to have a contact number. Serves companies and social networking clients.


At your service & automated 
The Mortimer Fibonacci MLAX Trade indicator

For institutions professional traders and retail traders


Mortimer Fibonacci MLT9 Smart Wallet. 

Machine Learning Algorithm is a Fintech Masterclass.

Automate your Finances with the MFMlT9 Smart Wallet. Store all your cards & reward points and Send and receive money to family and friends, Turn your spare change into investment possibilities while keeping track of your spending and bills payments on timelines and Geo location logs.  
Earn profits on automated trades on cryptocurrency.
Powered by proprietor algorithm software and built with simplicity with a beautiful interface that is user friendly.


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